Late Coming Letter Format for Employee to Coming Office

Late Coming Letter Format for Employee to Coming Office
Late Coming Letter Format for Employee to Coming Office

Late coming to the office can be a common issue among employees, which may hamper productivity and affect work efficiency. As an employer, it is crucial to address this concern by implementing a clear policy on late arrivals and using an effective communication strategy to convey the message to employees.

A late coming letter is a formal document that outlines the consequences of arriving late to work and emphasizes the importance of punctuality. The letter should include the employee’s name, date of the infraction, time of arrival, and a brief explanation of the consequences of being late, such as loss of pay or disciplinary action.

The format of the late coming letter should be professional and concise, and the language should be polite but firm. It is also essential to follow up on the letter with a face-to-face meeting to discuss the issue and ensure that the employee understands the consequences of continued tardiness.

Overall, a late coming letter is an effective tool to address punctuality issues in the workplace and maintain a culture of timeliness, productivity, and accountability.

Here is a sample of such a warning letter to an employee for late coming to work for your reference.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

(Name of the Employee)
(Name of the Department)
Employee Code: _________

Sub.: Warning for Violation of Company Policy – Excessive Absenteeism

Dear Mr. / Ms. (First Name of the Employee),

We regret to inform you that your attendance at the office has been below par and has fallen short of the minimum required standards. We have noticed that you have been absent for several days during the last month without prior permission or valid reasons. Such behavior is not acceptable and is a violation of the company’s policy.

Please note that absenteeism affects productivity, hampers team work and reflects poorly on your commitment towards your job. It is mandatory for all employees to follow the company’s attendance policy and maintain a good attendance record. Your continued absence without permission or genuine reasons will lead to disciplinary action, which may even result in termination of your employment.

You are hereby warned to improve your attendance record and ensure that you report to work on all working days. Failure to do so will result in severe action being taken against you. We hope that you will take this warning seriously and take corrective measures immediately.

This letter will be placed on your personnel employment file. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing one copy of the letter as enclosed herewith.


For (Name of the Company),

(Name of the Officer) (Designation)
Encl.: A/a

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