Warning Letter For Poor Performance To The Employee

Warning Letter For Poor Performance To The Employee
Warning Letter For Poor Performance To The Employee

Suppose you are an employer or manager and must warn an employee of poor performance. In that case, it is important to be specific about the issues and provide concrete examples of the employee’s behavior that has not met expectations.

You should also outline any consequences for continued poor performance and provide the employee with an opportunity to improve.

It is important to be professional and respectful in your language and to allow the employee to address any issues or concerns. Here is a sample warning letter for poor performance that you can use as a guide:

Here is a sample letter that you can use, Warning Letter For Poor Performance To The Employee


Ref: …………….
Date: ………………


[Employee Name]
Employee Code: _

Sub: Poor Performance at Work

Dear [Employee Name],

We have been closely monitoring your performance at the workplace and regret to inform you that it has been consistently below the expected level. As you are aware, you were provided with appropriate training when you joined the company and have received guidance from your superiors on your work.

Given your academic qualifications, we expect a higher level of performance from you. However, despite these efforts, your performance has remained the same.

As a result, we must issue you a formal warning about your poor performance. If your performance does not improve in the coming period, the company may be forced to take disciplinary action, including salary deductions or termination of employment.

We strongly advise you to be more proactive in your work and complete your assignments promptly and effectively. If you face any difficulties, please do not hesitate to speak with your superior about them.

This letter will be placed in your personnel file. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing the enclosed copy.

We hope to see an improvement in your performance in the future.

[Officer Name]

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