Proof of Child Support Payments Letter Sample

Proof of Child Support Payments Letter Sample
Proof of Child Support Payments Letter Sample

A “Proof of Child Support Payments Letter” is a document that serves as evidence of the financial support provided to a child by a parent or guardian. This letter can be used in court proceedings, in family law cases, or as part of a legal agreement. It typically includes details such as the amount of money provided, the frequency of payments, and the length of time for which payments have been made.

It is usually signed by the person providing the financial support and can also include a copy of a check or bank statement as proof of payment. A sample of this type of letter can be used as a guide for formatting and content when creating your own letter.

The format for the verification or confirmation letter may vary depending on the authority or department requesting it. However, it should include all relevant information and details as required


(Name of the Mother)
(Complete Address)
(Contact Number)

(Name of the Department)
(Name of the Institution)
(Complete Address)

Sub.: Confirmation of Child Support Payments Ref: Court order dated _________ in the matter of _________.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to confirm that my ex-husband, Mr. _________, has been making timely child support payments to me for our child, (Name), since the court order was issued. The payments are made on a monthly basis in the amount of (Amount in Words) for the living and welfare expenses of our child.

Mr. _________ sends the payments to my _______ Bank account mostly between __th to __th day of each month. I have not experienced any delays or issues in regards to the child support payments.

I am satisfied with the support that my ex-husband is providing for our child, both financially and morally. If there are any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at _________.


(Signature) (Name of the Mother)

Date: _________

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