Sample Continue Certificate Application To The Principal

Sample Continue Certificate Application To The Principal
Sample Continue Certificate Application To The Principal

A continuation certificate is issued to students from an educational institution. It demonstrates the ongoing nature of an individual’s training in the institute.

To get the certificate, the student must apply to the institution’s director for a continuing certificate. A continuation certificate could be required when changing the subject, taking an additional course, or transferring to a different class.

Here’s an example of a request letter for a pupil to their principal asking to issue a continuing certificate. Make sure to modify it in a way that is appropriate. An example of the continuing certificate is also provided to help you understand the process

Here is a sample application for a continuing certificate to a principal:


Date: _________


The Principal/Headmaster
__________ School/College

Sub. : Request for the issue of a continuing certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

With all respect and humble submission, I humbly say that a Continuing Certification can be issued in my favor of me.

Below, I will provide you with the required details to accomplish this:

1. Name: _____________________.
2. Class: _______, Session: _______.
3. College Roll No. _____ University Regn. No. _______.
4. Year of passing/failing the School or College Exam. : _______.
5. Subjects studied: _____ Subjects taken: _______, _______, and _____.
6. Reason for obtaining the certificate: It is required to help me resume my education in another institute/class/subject.

I hereby declare that the information contained hereinabove is accurate to the greatest extent I can tell. I also declare that there are no dues in the process from my end due to the school in relation to the hostel, library, NCC, class fees, and other fees.

Please give me the certificate. I will be grateful to you.

Thank you for your kind words,

Be obedient,
(Full name of student)


Date: ________________

The Principal,
[Name of School]

Subject: Application for Continuing Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request a continuing certificate for my child, [child’s name], who is currently enrolled in your school in [class/grade].
[Child’s name] has been a student at your school for the past [number] years and has consistently performed well academically and exhibited good behavior. [He/She] is an active member of the school community and has participated in various extracurricular activities.

I am writing to request a continuing certificate as [child’s name], and I will be relocating to [new location] due to [reason for relocation]. [He/She] will be continuing [his/her] education at a school in [new location].

I would be grateful if you could issue a continuing certificate for [child’s name] at your earliest convenience. I have attached the necessary documents to this letter, including [list of documents].
Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]
[Contact Information]

Note: This is just one example of an application for a continuing certificate, and the specific information requested may vary depending on the requirements of the school and the circumstances of the student.

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