Application for The Post of English Teacher

Application for The Post of English Teacher
Application for The Post of English Teacher

An “Application for The Post of English Teacher” refers to a written request or submission made by an individual seeking the position of an English teacher in an educational institution. The application typically includes personal and educational information, skills and qualifications, and the reasons for the candidate’s interest in the role.

The purpose of the application is to convince the hiring authorities that the candidate is the best fit for the job and to secure an interview. The application may be submitted in the form of a cover letter and resume or as a direct application to a specific institution or through a job board.

Below is a sample cover letter and accompanying resume submitted by an applicant for the position of English teacher in a school. The cover letter highlights the candidate’s qualifications and experience, while the resume provides a detailed account of the applicant’s education, skills, and work history.


Date: _______

The Principal/ Headmaster
(Name of the School)
(School Address)
Tel. _______

Sub.: Application for the position of English Teacher.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of English teacher at your esteemed institution. I came to know about the opening through a job advertisement posted in ________ newspaper/portal on (Date).

I hold a Master’s degree in English literature from ________ University and a B.Ed. from ________ University. I have been teaching English for over ________ years and am currently working as an English teacher at ________ School in (Location).

In my teaching experience, I have consistently created a student-centered learning environment and received positive feedback from both students and colleagues. My teaching style has been well-received and my students have shown marked improvement in their English abilities.

I have attached my resume and completed application form for your reference. I am confident in my ability to excel in this role and contribute to the growth and success of your students and the school.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and further discuss my qualifications and experience. Please feel free to contact me at (Phone Number) or (Email Id). I look forward to the possibility of joining your team as an English teacher.

Thank you for considering my application.


(Name of the Applicant)

Enclosure: Resume and Application Form

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