Request Letter for Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation

A birth certificate proves your birth, identity, and age. You need it for various official stuff like getting a passport, enrolling in school, or claiming government benefits. If you don’t have one, ask the Municipal Corporation where you were born.

To get a birth certificate, write a letter to the Municipal Corporation. Tell them your name, date of birth, and your parents’ names. You might also need to show papers proving who you are or where you live. The Municipal Corporation checks your details and gives you a birth certificate if everything’s fine.

When you write your letter, keep it simple. Include all the needed info and use the right format. Say why you need the birth certificate and if it’s urgent. Remember, it might take a while, so stay patient. If things are taking too long, check with the Municipal Corporation.

Sample Request Letter for Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation

Request Letter for Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation


The Registrar of Birth & Death
and Health Officer,
[Office Address]
Tel. [Contact Number]

Sub.: Application for Birth Certificate of My Child

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request the issuance of a birth certificate for my child under section 17 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969. The details of the child are as follows:

(1) Name of the Father (applicant): [Father’s Name], Aadhar no. [Aadhar Number].
(2) Name of the Mother: [Mother’s Name], Aadhar no. [Aadhar Number].
(3) Name of the Child: [Child’s Name], Aadhar no. [Aadhar Number] [Please Affix Child’s Photo]
(4) Child’s Date of Birth: [Date of Birth], Gender: [Gender]
(5) Place of Birth: [Select One – Home/Hospital/Nursing Home] Full Address of Place of Birth: [Address of Place of Birth]
(6) Parent’s Permanent Residence Address: [Permanent Address], Pin: [Pin Code]
(7) Parent’s Present Residence Address: [Present Address], Pin: [Pin Code]
(8) Father’s Telephone Number: [Father’s Contact Number], Email ID: [Father’s Email Address] (9) Father’s Occupation: [Father’s Occupation]
(10) Birth Certificate Delivery: By Post/By Hand [Select One – I will collect the certificate from your office, and the same may not be sent by post]

Enclosed are the following documents:
(1) Identity and address proofs of father, mother, and child.
(2) Hospital certificate for the child’s birth.

I confirm that the information and supporting documents provided are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I acknowledge that any false information provided may result in legal action. I would appreciate it if my application can be processed promptly, and the birth certificate issued as soon as possible.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

[Applicant’s Signature]
[Applicant’s Name]

Date: [Date of Application]
Place: [Place of Application]

Encl.: As above.

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