Epf Complaint Letter Format Sample

Epf Complaint Letter Format Sample
Epf Complaint Letter Format Sample

An EPF (Employee Provident Fund) complaint letter is a written document that an employee can use to file a grievance against their employer or the EPF organization. It is a formal way of expressing concerns regarding the management, handling, or withdrawal of EPF contributions. The letter should clearly state the issue at hand, along with supporting evidence, such as payment receipts, bank statements, or other relevant documents.

A well-written EPF complaint letter can help employees seek justice and ensure that their EPF contributions are handled properly. It is important to follow a proper format while writing an EPF complaint letter to ensure that the letter is taken seriously and receives prompt attention.

The format of an EPF complaint letter typically includes the name and address of the employer or EPF organization, the name and designation of the employee, and a detailed description of the issue. It should also include a request for a resolution and an appropriate course of action, such as an investigation or refund.

In conclusion, an EPF complaint letter is a powerful tool that employees can use to hold their employers accountable for managing their EPF contributions. It is essential to follow the proper format while drafting the letter and provide sufficient evidence to support the complaint.

Here is a Sample Template you can use as per your personal situation:

TEMPLATE #1 Complaint letter against Employer

Date: ……………

The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner,
(Address of the Regional Office)

Subject: Complaint regarding non-processing of PF claim by ex-employer Ref: UAN ……………… PF Number ……………

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the negligence of my ex-employer in processing my PF claim. I was an employee of (Name of the Company) from (Date) to (Date). After resigning from the company, I had submitted my request for PF withdrawal to the company. I had completed all the necessary documentation and handed over the required documents to the company on (Date).

However, it has been more than …. days since I submitted my PF claim, and I have not yet received any acknowledgement number or receipt. I have also not received any email or SMS regarding the status of my PF withdrawal application, and I am unable to check the status online. I have tried to contact the company, but they are not cooperating and are causing me unwanted inconvenience.

I request you to kindly instruct the company to take necessary action from their side and process my PF claim without any further delay. Additionally, I request you to take strict action against the company for their negligence and causing harassment to ex-employees like me.

I have attached all the necessary documents related to my PF claim for your reference. I hope that my complaint will be attended to and resolved at the earliest.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]

Template #2 – Complaint letter against EPF office

Date: …………

The Manager,
Customer Service Department,
Bank Name,
Branch Address

Sub.: Complaint regarding unauthorized transaction on my bank account Account Number: ……………..

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to bring to your attention an unauthorized transaction on my bank account, which has caused me undue inconvenience and financial loss.

On (date), I noticed an unexpected transaction of (amount) made from my account without my consent. The transaction details are (transaction ID, recipient details). However, I have not authorized any such transaction, nor have I shared my account details with anyone.

I immediately contacted the bank’s customer care center and lodged a complaint (complaint number) and requested to block my account temporarily to avoid any further misuse.

Despite the complaint, no action has been taken, and I have not received any update on the status of my complaint. I have also not received any refund of the amount debited from my account.

As per your bank’s policy, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your customers’ funds. Therefore, I urge you to take swift action to investigate the unauthorized transaction and refund the amount to my account at the earliest.

I have attached all the necessary documents, including my account statement, for your reference.

I hope for a prompt and favorable resolution of my complaint. In case of any further delay or unsatisfactory response, I reserve the right to take necessary legal actions.

Thank you for your understanding.


(Name of the Person)

Copy to: Banking Ombudsman, (Address)

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