Complaint Letter For Receiving Damaged Goods

Complaint Letter For Receiving Damaged Goods

A complaint letter for receiving damaged goods is a written document that expresses dissatisfaction and requests compensation or a replacement for goods that were received in a damaged or defective state. The letter typically includes:

  • A complaint letter expressing dissatisfaction with receiving damaged goods
  • Request for compensation or replacement of the damaged goods
  • Information such as date of purchase and details of the damage
  • May include photographs or other evidence of the damage
  • Addressed to the seller or manufacturer
  • Sent via mail or email
  • Polite but assertive in requesting a resolution to the issue.

Here is a Sample Complaint Letter For Receiving Damaged Goods, Modify as per your personal situation.



[Name of the Complainant]
[Full Address]
[Phone Number]
[Email Id]

The Grievance Officer
Consumer Care Department
[Name of the Company]
[Complete Address]
[Phone Number]

Sub: Complaint for received damaged product – request for replacement

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently placed an order for some products from your company. However, upon receiving the products today, I was disappointed to find that they had been damaged in transit. Upon opening the delivery package, I discovered that all of the products were broken.

For your reference, please find the details of my order below:

Date of order: [Insert Date] Name of the person who ordered: [Insert Name] Bill/Invoice numbers: [Insert Numbers] Items ordered: [Insert Item Names and Quantities] Total Price: [Insert Amount] Date of delivery: [Insert Date]

I have kept the goods in the same condition as they were received. They can be inspected by your representative or courier person when they come to pick up the goods for return.

As it has already been [Insert number of days] days since I placed my order and I have not been able to use the products as intended, I kindly request that you attend to my complaint urgently and provide me with replacement goods as soon as possible.

If I do not hear from you within [Insert number of days], I will be forced to take further action and lodge a complaint against the company with the appropriate consumer and legal forums.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.


[Name of the Complainant]

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