Application For New Meter Connection Sample

Application For New Meter Connection Sample
Application For New Meter Connection Sample

An application for a new meter connection is a request made to the utility company by a customer who wishes to have a new meter installed at their property. This may be necessary for new construction, a change of occupancy, or an upgrade to the existing service.

The application typically includes personal and property information and details about the type of service and meter required. The customer may also need to provide proof of ownership or occupancy and pay a deposit or fee for the installation. The utility company will review the application and schedule an inspection before installing the new meter.

Here is a Application For New Meter Connection Sample. Modify as per your personal Situation.


Date: ________

(Name of the Applicant)
(Residential Address)
(Phone Number)

The Junior/Assistant Engineer
(Name of the Electricity Board)
(Complete Office Address)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Application for new electricity meter connection.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to formally request a new electricity meter connection for my recently built residence located at (Full Address). The construction of the house is now completed and the electric wiring and accessories have been installed. I am planning to hold a Griha Pravesh ceremony soon and it is essential to have the electricity connection in place before the ceremony. I am the owner of the said property and the application is for a single/three phase connection with a required load of ___kW.

I have filled out the application form as prescribed by your electricity board and have enclosed it along with a sketch map of the land and building, photograph, and all other supporting documents as required. I am willing to pay any applicable fees for the connection.

I kindly request your approval for the installation of a new electric meter at my residence. I would be grateful for your prompt attention to this matter.

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
(Name of the Applicant)

Encl.: As above

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